The Success Story Of KFC Will Motivate You For Life

Today I am going to tell you about the success story of KFC. You must have gone to KFC at one time or another. His pizza and burgers would have enjoyed a lot there too.

Like you, other people also enjoy a lot in KFC. But do you know KFC founder Colonel Sanders had to go through 60 years of hard struggle. Today we will tell you the KFC success story.

Sanders lost his father at the age of 5. At the age of 7 he had the responsibility of his brother and sister. He was failed in his job. After marriage his wife left him.

Started business, it also closed. He could not succeed till even he was 60 years old. But at the age of 65, he formed a company named KFC, which today have branches in every country. 

KFC today earns trillions of rupees every year. The full name of KFC is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Now I will tell you the success story of KFC. Colonel Sanders learned from all his mistakes.

The Success Story Of KFC’s Founder Colonel Sanders

Sanders was born on September 9, 1890 in Henry Ville, a city in Indiana. His father’s name was David Sanders and mother’s name was Margaret Sanders. He also had a younger brother and a sister.

Everything was going well in his family. But in the summer of 1995, Sanders’ father died of high fever. Sanders was 5 years old at the time. The economic condition of the house deteriorated after the father’s death.

Sanders’ mother had to work in a factory. Sanders took over the responsibility of his younger brother and sister at the age of 5. During the difficult days, Sanders learned to cook from his mother.

At the age of 7, he became an expert in cooking and loved making chicken. After the father’s death, Sanders’ mother married a man named William. His family later moved to Greenwood.

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Sanders’ stepfather hated him a lot. For this reason Sanders left his home in 1903. He used to work in the field. Sanders could not read after 7th standard due to leaving home.

At the age of 13, he moved to a city called Indianapolis where he used to paint on a horse cart. After some time he left this job. In 1906, in New Albany, Indiana came and settled with his uncle.

His uncle used to work for a company of street cars. With the help of his uncle, he got the Collector’s post. Later he also served as a fireman in the railway.
During the fireman’s job, Uski met a girl whom he married at the age of 19. He was followed by a boy and two girls.

Now his life was going well. But suddenly he was fired from Nokri for quarreling with a colleague. Later his wife left him and left.

He was depressed after this incident. He was getting sad day after day.  But he did not give up and started looking for job again. He started life by doing different job.
He worked in insurance company and a tier company.

He did many small jobs like this.  But failed every time. Later he moved to Carbin Kentucky.There he opened a gas station on Route 25.

At the behest of the passengers, he opened a restaurant next to the gas station.  There he started making specially fried chicken which was very much liked by the people.

He thought of expanding the restaurant business further.  To manage this business well, he did an 8-week hotel management course from Cornell University.

The Governor of Kentucky liked the chicken made by Sendars so much that he gave the title of Colonel to Sendars. Since then, Colonel was placed in front of Sendars name.

In 1937 Sendars thought of starting branches towards their restaurants. But his attempt was unsuccessful. After some time, this restaurant was closed due to the highway being built at that place.

Money ran out in a few days. Now she was 62 years old and was not getting success. But he was confident of his chicken making style. He later went on to market a unique method of making chicken.

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He started meeting different restaurant owners. But luck still did not support him. The owners of almost all the restaurants rejected his recipe.

After a long time he got his first customer.  The Sanders then succeeded. Her Unique Chicken Recipe became famous all over the world. Today KFC of Colonel Sanders is in more than 118 countries.

The first KFC Frenchise opened in the US in 1952.  On December 16, 1980, Sanders died in Kentucky at the age of 90.  You should also think friends.

At the age of 60, where people retire and want to spend time at home, Sanders did not give up even more than that.  You should also keep trying and one day you will definitely get success.


The success story of KFC tells us that we have had many difficulties in life but should never give up.

We should learn from the mistakes of others because we cannot live long enough to make all the mistakes ourselves. Sanders never gave up.

The will power and determination of any human being can make him king from poor. In the end, I will say that on the day when you have made your thinking big, big people will start thinking about you.

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