How WhatsApp Makes Money Without Showing Ads

Social media has become an important part of our life today. Whether it sharing their personal lives or festival celebrations. Whatsapp does not show the commercial in its app. Let’s find how whatsapp makes money.

Social media has contributed significantly in our lives. These apps include whatsapp. WhatsApp does not show advertisements in their app. You must have ever thought that whatsapp earns money.

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Millions of messages are sent every day on whatsapp. WhatsApp tries everything possible for the privacy of its users. Users also have full faith in whatsapp.

WhatsApp has also come into controversy many times. Before you read how whatsapp makes money you should read how whatsapp became popular.

How Did WhatsApp Became So Popular In Less Time

Brian Acton is the person who created WhatsApp. Brian and his friend worked at Yahoo. They decided to left the job & went to join Facebook.

But facebook reject both of them. Now they could neither work in Yahoo nor Facebook. Then Brian & his friend launch WhatsApp on 3 May, 2009. WhatsApp became famous in a few months.

Brian earned lot of money in few months. Later Facebook recognized WhatsApp’s importance on right time and bought WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars.

Today, the company in which Brian did not get a job is shareholder of that company. This is a big deal for Brian.

Today there is hardly any smartphone user in India whose phone does not have WhatsApp. During the success of WhatsApp, Brian faced a lot of difficulties.

How WhatsApp Makes Money Without Showing Advertisements

You must have thought that how WhatsApp earns without showing any advertisement. There is a proverb in the business world that if you are not paying for a product, then you are the product.

Their billions of users are product for WhatsApp. WhatsApp uses your data. Have you ever noticed that if you ever want to buy something and tell your friend in WhatsApp chat, then shortly after that you see same ad on other apps & websites.

This is called target advertising and Whatsapp generates revenue from this. They make money using your data. According to a report, WhatsApp earns 600 to 700 indian rupees from a user every month.

You can guess how much money WhatsApp will earn from billion of users. Apart from this, WhatsApp is considered to be the most secure platform for text messaging.

In 2016 WhatsApp launched the end to end encryption feature. WhatsApp has done its best to bring its privacy to the next level, but after cambridge analytica case There was a lot of accusation on WhatsApp.

But WhatsApp rejected all these accusations. They even say that even though Facebook bought WhatsApp, but its principles would never change.

Some people do not consider WhatsApp safe. And some people say that we will not be harmed due to our little data leak. Internet is a place where once you upload photos, it will never be deleted from its server.

WhatsApp considers it user’s privacy very important. Now we will tell you that WhatsApp has promised its users about privacy.

WhatsApp Privacy Promises To Its Users

  1. Every message and call is secured with end-to-end encryption.
  2. Your messages belong to you. That’s why your messages are stored on your phone.
  3. WhatsApp makes it simple to understand and customize your privacy and security.
  4. Add extra security when you sign in to your account with two step verification.
  5. You can decide if only contacts, everyone or nobody can see your profile photo.

What You Need To Know About Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Cambridge Analytica (CA) is a business and political consulting firm, which engages in data mining, data sales and data analysis for the electoral process.

In December 2015, The Guardian reported that United States politician Ted Cruz was using Facebook data from the American people to lure voters to the election. While the Facebook users whose information was being leaked, they did not even know about this.

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Cambridge Analytica data scandal is expected to share personal information of 87 million Facebook users. However, Cambridge Analytica says that it has collected only 30 million Facebook user data.

How WhatsApp Makes Money In The Beginning

In the beginning, Whatsapp used to give one year free subscription. After this, users had to pay about 1 dollar every year to use it. But in the month of January 2016, Facebook scrapped any amount given on Whatsapp. That is, now users could use Whatsapp for free.

Jan koum Resigns From Facebook Company

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum has decided to resign from his post. Koum has given this information on his Facebook post. Apart from the post of WhatsApp CEO, Jan Koum has also said goodbye to Facebook. On the Facebook post of Facebook, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a comment that he will miss the community.

After Some Time Brian Acton Also Resigns From Facebook

After some time Brian Acton also accused Facebook of data theft and resigned on Facebook. He was not happy with the company’s attitude for a long time and finally decided to resign.


You have to decide whether to use WhatsApp or not. Allegations continue to accrue on Facebook and WhatsApp. Due to this, Facebook also has to pay a fine. But Facebook has been denying all these allegations.

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