How To Earn Money By Playing PUBG Mobile In 2020

You must know how to play PUBG but today i will inform you about How To Earn Money By Playing PUBG.After 2017, the revolution of games came on Internet.

Many games went viral worldwide. Some games have earned millions of rupees. The most prominent of these games is PUBG.

Everyone plays PUBG game whether they are children or young people. A lot of games came after PUBG but none of them were able to give a tough competition to this game.

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Many people have gained fame due to this game which includes names like Mortal, Dynamo, Scout, Dr Disrespect, Panda, Shroud, Cosmic yt & many more. 

PUBG’s graphics and animations are great. This is the reason why the game has millions of users even after three years. People do not get bored of playing it.

You must also play this game, but have you ever thought that you can earn money by playing this game too. In this post we will give you full information about How To Earn Money By Playing PUBG but before this we you should get basic information about PUBG.

What Is PlayerUnkown’s Battle Ground Game

PUBG is a battle ground game. Its full form is PlayerUnkonwn’s Battle Ground. It is a very popular game. In this game, 100 unknown players land on an island and the last one who survives wins.

You can download and play this game on android or ios phone. This game is made by Brendane Greene of South Korea. This game belongs to Bluehole Company.

The game has more than 100 million downloads on PlayStore. It is an action based game. The game was first launched worldwide in 2017. Initially this game was made just for microsoft windows.

But later this game became so popular that developers had to make this game for android and ios too. Now i will explain you about How To Earn Money By Playing PUBG.

How To Earn Money By Playing PUBG

Pubg is a worldwide popular game.  There are many ways to earn money from this but we i tell you some select and effective ways.

1. Tournaments

You can also earn money from pubg by participating in tournaments. Now you must be thinking how can i earn money by playing pubg , we will give information about it. 

Along with pubg, pub tournament players have also become famous. There are lots of apps available on the playstore. Download any of your favorite and safe apps.

Signup on that app through your phone number and email. Choose your favorite match and time. And choose the time only when you are free.

Then you get money through many payment methods. Some of these apps are player monk, pixlona and MPL. Many people are making money through this way. These apps are completely safe & secure.

2. Live Streams

This is the best way to earn money from pubg. This method is not easy but also not difficult. You can live stream on YouTube or any other platform.

You can live stream when you have more than 1000 subscribers on YouTube. This means you must first complete 1000 subscribers to your channel to stream live on YouTube.

You can also stream live from third party apps without completing 1000 subscribers but it makes an impact on your channel. You have to grow your channel.

After 1000 subscribers there will be Ads shows on your channel, from which you will be able to earn money and you can also take superchat from your viewers.

If your channel hits 10K or 15K subscribers then you can also get sponsors for your videos. All you need is hard work and passion. A lot of people have earned money from the method I mentioned above, in which some names are below.

Soul Mortal, CarryIsLive, Dynamo, 8bit thug, shroud, panda, dr disrispect, cosmic yt, gareeb, alpha clasher. This is all people who have earned millions from pubg.

3. Selling Accounts

If you reach Ace in this game or your account has good gun skins and good equipments then you, can sell your account and earn well.

Many websites that buy and sell pubg accounts are available on the Internet. Two of the best websites are G2G and Player auctions. Thousands of people have sold and are selling their accounts on this website.

4. Become a PUBG Coach

This game is famous all over the world and these case events are happening all over the world. If your skills are good in this game and you are pro, then this method will be very helpful for you.

Players who participate in pubg events hire Pubg coaches. If you are a professional pubg player then you can become a coach.

In this way you can earn money and fame too.  The pubg holds a lot of prizes and prize pools in its events. With this you can earn millions of money and you will also become a lot of fans.


So friends, there were some ways you can make money. We would advise you to play this game in limited quantity only. Otherwise, the results can be bad.

Recently, such reports have come to us, due to which a demand has also arisen regarding the pubg ban. This game has also been banned once in Pakistan. You should play this game for a limited time.

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This game has also been banned once in Gujarat, India. Do not get addicted to any game. Their addiction is very bad. Some people have also killed themselves because of this game.

Don’t waste your precious time in the type of games.I hope you got information about how to earn money by playing pubg. If you like this post than share this with your friends.

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