Biography Of Sidhu Moose Wala Will Inspire You For Life

Sidhu Moose Wala is a famous Punjabi singer. He faced a lot of difficulties during his struggle days. In this post you will learn about biography of sidhu moose wala.

Sidhu achieved a lot of popularity in 2 years but during this 2-year career, he had to face a lot of difficulties. Today sidhu songs are played everywhere.

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Many people connected with him in this journey and many people left him. But Sidhu did not give up. He continued his hard work. 

Today every Punjabi of Sidhu Moose Wala is a fan. So, let’s learn about the biography of sidhu moose wala wich will motivate yo

Basic Information About Sidhu Moose Wala

Real NameShubhdeep Singh Sidhu
ProfessionSinger, Lyricist, Model
NicknameSidhu Moose Wala
Date Of Birth11 June 1993
Merital StatusUnmarried
Birth PlaceVillage Moosa, Punjab

The Biography Of Sidhu Moose Wala Will Motivate You

Sidhu’s real name is Shubdeep Singh Sidhu. He was born on 11 June 1993. His mother’s name is Charan Kor and father’s name is Sardar Bhola Singh. He was born in a village named Moosa, Punjab.

Sidhu was very fond of singing since childhood. When he was in school, he used to participate in every function in the school. Everyone in the school loved Sidhu and his singing.

After school, he joined Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana. He completed his B.Tech from this college. In college also he used to participate in every function.

Everyone in the college liked his singing. Due to this, Sidhu became very Motivate. Then Sidhu thought of doing his first single track release. But then Sidhu did not know how to write a good song and that’s why he started looking for a good songwriter.

But he could not find any way to show it.  Because in Punjabi singing industry, they take expensive money to make a song. He had no money. These days Sidhu faced a lot of trouble.

Somehow sidhu spoke to a well-known lyricist. He told Sidhu that you will come to our village and I will write the song for you. Then Sidhu walked to his village. It was raining very fast that day.

Sidhu went back to his college and vowed not to sing to anyone from now on. He took the leaf that I will sing whatever song I sing, do not take songs from anyone.

Then Sidhu started working hard.  He started writing songs. Initially, good songs were not written by Sidhu but he continued his hard work. After a year and a half, he started writing good songs.

Sidhu’s hard work was successful. In 2016, Sidhu released the first song written by Punjabi singer Ninja. The name of this song was License. The song proved to be a super hit.

People of Punjab liked this song very much.  After this, Sidhu started on the road to success. Many more songs were written by him. Then Sidhu went to Canada.

After going there he started singing himself.  In 2017 Sidhu released the first song sung by G Wagon. This song was also a super hit. The song made a lot of records

Sidhu sang many more songs which became very famous. Some of these songs are Just Listen, So High, Warning Shots, Game, Old Skool, Dark Love, Tochan, Game.

Sidhu’s popularity and his singing style forced me to write the biography of sidhu moose wala. Sidhu Also Involves in many controversies. The biggest controversy is with Karan Aujla.

People says karan aujla leaked sidhu moose wala’s song before it release. Both of them were close friends. But after this controversy, their friendship ended.

They both reply to each other with the help of their songs. Recently his Game song released and it set many records. This song was trending on YouTube in India and many more countries.

So this was the biography of sidhu moose wala. now you will get to know some unknown facts about famous punjabi singer sidhu moose wala. 

Some Unknown Facts About Sidhu Moose Wala

Sidhu Moose Wala’s mother is the sarpanch of a village named Moosa. She won the elections last year.

The video of him firing a gun became very viral and Sidhu was reported to the police.

He made a song when there was a police report and there was a police report on that song as well.

Many people also oppose Sidhu as he makes most of the songs on the weapons.

At this time Sidhu is also having a cold war with Babbu Maan, but so far Babbu maan has not given any reply to him.

Sidhu was told by a person from his village that he should name himself so that his village should be proud. Since then, he has named himself Sidhu Moose Wala.

Last Words

Sidhu worked very hard in his early days and today he is counted among the successful Punjabi singers. If you have talent and you work hard, then one day you will also get success.

This was the biography of sidhu moose wala. Be it bollywood or punjabi music industry, nepotism has increased everywhere. Outsiders can’t get place in industry.

But we should not lose heart. We should continue our hard work. One day God will surely listen to us and will give us success.

So this is biography of sidhu moose wala. I hope you like it. If you like biography of sidhu moose wala then please share our work with your friends and family.

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